FAQs about Virtual Camp

Where can I find more details about camp?
In addition to this list of FAQ’s, a ‘Welcome Email’ will be sent to each camper a week prior to the start of camp. This email will highlight any details and specifics of things you may need for your week at camp! Our hope is to streamline our virtual sessions so that everything is as convenient as possible for you!

What should I have accessible for camp?
Each camper should be ready for each session with their device to log into camp, a bottle of water for any breaks, craft materials, and a smile! Our incredible Teaching Artists will do the rest! Our hope is that each camper can find a space there they can focus on camp and won’t be distracted throughout the session!

What platform will be used for this online learning?
MTP’s virtual camp will be held via ZOOM. Zoom can be downloaded on any device, including your phone, tablet, laptop, and television. Following registration, you will be sent a code for your particular session.

What should I wear?
Wear what makes you, YOU! Feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. All we ask is that you wear clothing that you’re able to move around in, and footwear that allows for the same, as you’ll be up on your feet and active!

What type of space do I need to dance?
We absolutely realize that spacial restrictions may be something to note, so all of the choreography you will learn will take that into consideration. Having an open space (away from furniture!) would be helpful. A 6x6 space should be more than enough for you to be comfortable moving around.

What type of materials will I need to craft?
In your ‘Welcome Email’ you will receive a list of everyday materials (paper, markers, tape, etc.) that you will need for craft time at camp! All crafts will be based around this list of materials.


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