What platform will be used for this online learning?

MTP’s virtual classes will be held via ZOOM. Zoom can be downloaded on any device, including your phone, tablet, laptop, and television. Following registration, you will be sent a code for your particular session.


What should I wear?

Wear what makes you, YOU! Feel free to dress in whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable. All we ask is that you wear clothing that you’re able to move around in, and footwear that allows for the same, as you’ll be up on your feet and active!


What type of space do I need to dance?

We absolutely realize that spacial restrictions may be something to note, so all of the choreography you will learn will take that into consideration. Having an open space (away from furniture!) would be helpful. A 6x6 space should be more than enough for you to be comfortable moving around.


Am I required to be in the room with my child throughout their class each week?

Not at all! Once you’ve gotten your child set up for their Virtual Class, you’re more than welcome to treat it like any other ‘Drop Off Class’. All classes are recorded for everyone’s piece of mind, and should there be any issues, a Teaching Artist will happily follow up after class, individually. We welcome you to stay nearby and keep a listening ear if you’d like, but we certainly don’t require you to be in the room!



Response To COVID-19 Health And Safety Implementations (Spring/Summer 2021)


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, MUSIC THEATRE PHILLY will be implementing enhanced healthy and safety protocols within the studio as we return to a version of ‘In-Person Instruction’. We are hard at work to ensure that your health and safety is of paramount importance, so that we can continue to offer our highest standard of Arts Education in Musical Theatre and Dance.


Please review this document before enrolling your child in any MTP programming . Working together, we can reinforce these protocols and provide a comfortable experience for the MTP community.


Pre-Class/Camp Screening: 

All parents/guardians will be asked to monitor a 14-day pre-screen prior to their child’s first day of classes. Please be diligent in monitoring your child’s health and do not send your child to the studio with any COVID-19 symptoms.


Parents of any students who may be ‘high risk’ should consult their doctor before enrolling their child in classes.


Check-in/Check-out Procedures: 

All Drop-Off/Pick-Up will take place outside of the studio’s front door with a new Check-In/Check-Out policy, with physical distancing in place. All classes will be a ‘Drop-Off’ to minimize excessive gatherings in the studio’s lobby. Each parent will have a point of contact with an MTP representative, should communication be necessary during class time.


MTP will observe a strict Pick-Up/Drop-Off time of no greater than 10-15 minutes prior and post class to minimize gathering.


Parents and siblings will not be allowed in the building, only MTP students. While we understand that it may be convenient to walk your child inside, we hope you agree that keeping the lobby clear is in everyone’s best interest.


All Parents, MTP Students, and MTP Staff MUST wear masks during check-in and check-out, as well as during class time and whenever in the studio.


A staff member may be asked to inquire of a verbal symptom check, if any students may be exhibiting signs or symptoms. Each student’s temperature will be checked upon entry into the studio. Any student with a temperature exceeding 100.4 will not be permitted to take class on that particular day.


Any students experiencing symptoms or a fever will be asked to stay home, and will be sent any recorded cumulative class material during their absence.


Preventing the spread: 

Students should bring a personal water bottle, class materials (distributed by MTP Staff), and specific footwear. 


Students will not be allowed to share materials or water. While you are encouraged to bring water with you, all bottles will stay in the lobby area during class time. The consumption of food and drink (other than water) is only permitted in designated areas.


Students will have designated areas to store personal belongings, as well as ‘designated learning areas’ in each studio that will allow for social distancing space!


Hand washing is required before class and after each session. Anti-Bacterial Soap and Hand sanitizer will be readily available. 


All high-contact surfaces will be disinfected each day, and as frequently as possible throughout the day.


Physical distancing will be practiced to the greatest degree possible, including during dance and musical training sessions.


Should you and your family be around someone who tests positive for COVID-19, we ask you to disclose this information as soon as possible. Anyone exposed will require a two-week absence from the studio. MTP will provide an alternative virtual option to anyone unable to be in the studio.


We understand that all of this information may seem daunting at first glance. We are diligently working to ensure a safe return to the studio for our MTP Families, and will continue to follow these safety protocols until further notice. We humbly thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we move forward.


Thank you!