*New* MTP Teen Conservatory

Semester-long session that runs from September 11th-December 18th

Ages: 13-18

Sunday (3:00-8:00pm) and Tuesday (6:15-7:30pm)

Cost: $775

 To register, email Tim Popp at

Program Synopsis:

MUSIC THEATRE PHILLY is dedicated to the training of its students and the programming that helps to prepare them for their next steps in theatre and beyond. We are thrilled to announce the MTP TEEN CONSERVATORY, a new program unlike any other in Philadelphia, for the serious performer who is looking for a more serious approach to their training. This all-encompassing, semester-long program is dedicated to providing private training and coaching, group dance classes, performance opportunities, and college/audition prep. This conservatory style program is designed and dedicated to specifically nurture and improve your skill set, while providing opportunities to hone your talents through performing and more focused training. This ‘one stop shop’ program works to create a program tailored specifically to each student, while also covering the disciplines of musical theatre needed to create a well rounded performer!
Program Includes:

MTP PRESENTS: RENT: School Edition
Conservatory students are guaranteed casting in MTP Presents: RENT. Production Rehearses Sundays (4:00-8:00 PM) and performs the weekend of December 16th at Philadelphia’s Arts Bank Theatre. Auditions for specific roles in RENT: Teen Edition will take place on the first rehearsal: Sunday, September 11, 2022
Private Vocal Instruction
This personalized session will help you to find what’s missing from your audition vocal   book and help you to choose material that best suits you! This session is designed to help you find two ‘go-to’ audition cuts/selections that will best show off your vocal technique, range, and personality, as well as provide you with recorded warm-ups and accompaniment for your chosen material! Three Rotating Sessions per semester, scheduled Sundays (3:00-4:00pm)
Private Monologue/Scene Coaching
This personalized session will give you access to an Acting coach who will work with you  in choosing personalized material and working a monologue through the semester! Three Rotating Sessions per semester, scheduled Sundays (3:00-4:00 PM)
Individualized College Prep/Career Mentoring
Have questions about the industry or college audition prep? This program offers two Sessions per semester (scheduled at your convenience) that will help to guide you! From choosing the right program, audition tips and tricks, essay/interview pointers and more, this individualized mentoring will help you to get a step closer to where you want to be!
Tuesdays (6:15-7:30pm) with a Showcase Performance on Sunday, December 11th. Classes begin on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022. Learn more about Teen Dance.
A seat on our Teen Advisory Board
Have wonderful new ideas for MTP’s future or input about new classes and programs?  Meet with the MTP Executive Team to get your voice heard and make your ideas a reality! The Teen Advisory Board will meet sporadically throughout the Fall Semester

 To register, email Tim Popp at

Scholarships and Payment Plans are available. For more information, visit our application page or email MTP’s executive director, Tim Popp at


 Accessibility:  To share an access need for your child or find out more about possible accommodations, please email MTP’s executive director, Tim Popp at


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