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Teen Conservatory


Sunday, September 10, 2023


Sunday, December 17th, 2023


1. BOOKED IT! DANCE CALL (Drop-ins welcome)
Grades 7-12

2:30-3:45 PM



BOOKED IT! DANCE CALL will make sure your name is on the cast list! Philly’s top dance teachers will teach the tricks of the trade so you will feel confident at any audition! Each week you will learn a different dance combination from your favorite Broadway hits. Skills explore:

  • Audition etiquette and personal feedback

  • Technical exercises and foundational skills

  • Choreography retention in a fast paced environment

  • Specified instruction of various styles and genres of theater dance

  • Confidence!

2. MTP PRESENTS: MEAN GIRLS (High School Version)

Grades 7-12

4:00 PM - 8:00 PM



MEAN GIRLS (High School Version) is based on the hit film from Tina Fey. Cady Heron may have grown up on an African savanna, but nothing prepared her for the wild and vicious ways of her strange new home: suburban Illinois. How will this naïve newbie rise to the top of the popularity pecking order? By taking on The Plastics, a trio of lionized frenemies led by the charming but ruthless Regina George. But when Cady and her friends devise a "Revenge Party" to end Regina’s reign, she learns the hard way that you can’t cross a Queen Bee without getting stung.


Grades 7-12

6:30-8:30 PM



ADVANCED ACTING is a deep dive into dissecting scripts, character dynamics, and various methods of acting. Students will work in an ensemble setting to workshop short scenes from plays and film. Our top notch instructors will guide you through:

  • Acting technique

  • Script analysis

  • Constructive feedback and peer review

  • Teambuilding and improvisational exercises

Showcases: All classes culminate in a showcase performance at another venue. Families will be given more information about the showcase timing, ticketing, and other details after the session begins.


Scholarships and Payment Plans are available. For more information, visit our application page or email MTP’s executive director, Tim Popp at


Accessibility: To share an access need for your child or find out more about possible accommodations, please email MTP’s executive director, Tim Popp at


Registration or cancellation information can be found in our Studio Policy 

To find out more about which program may best fit your child’s needs, visit our Find Your Fit page.

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