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"My daughter has been working with Mindy since she was 4 years old.  She took Mindy's performance classes for 2 years.  Mindy inspired Elana to want to continue performing.  Mindy's direction, spirit, energy, passion, talent, and her ability to guide and mentor are only some of the amazing qualities Mindy possesses and uses to cultivate young talent.  She is first rate in her ability to motivate, nurture, and foster her student's abilities giving them confidence and support to grow as actors while having fun."    


~Debbie Maser

"We finally found our daughter's passion! The classes were the perfect combination of acting, singing and dancing. With Mindy's guidance and energy, my daughter found confidence and poise. Mindy phenomenally directed a brigade of young children, gently pushing and pulling each child to find his/her own voice and strengths. Our daughter cannot wait to join Mindy on her next theatrical production."    


~Kristin Mckenna

"As a serious performing arts student, my daughter has found a professional environment to hone her skills. While learning in a group setting, she is given personal direction and support to help her reach ​new goals. Music Theatre Philly is a place for her to grow and train as she blossoms into a professional adult."

~Nicole Klein

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