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 Find the MTP program that's the right fit!

At MTP, we want to ensure all young artists find the program that’s the right fit for them!
Read the descriptions of our different programs below to find a best match for your student.

Or reach out to us at


What to expect from an MTP Class:


MTP Classes focus on specific disciplines in the performing arts. Your student will practice fundamental skills in either acting, singing or dancing in an intimate setting. Each week, the teaching artist will introduce new vocabulary or techniques. The students will build on these techniques across the session and will present what they have learned during our Class Showcase.


Our class showcase is held at the end of the session on stage at a local theater. Each class will present a 5-7 minute performance that they will rehearse during their class.


Class schedule: 14 weeks, 1 hour per week


Class size: 3-15


Teaching artist to student ratio: Approximately 1:8 (if a class reaches more than 10 students, we hire a teaching assistant.)


Key expectations of MTP students:

  • Attend all classes.

  • Try new things.

  • Practice their new skills at home.


Ideal for actors who:

  • Thrive in shorter (1 hour) classes.

  • Love exploring new tasks and skills each week.

  • Enjoy creating with others.

  • Love getting the opportunity to explore different roles.

  • Are new to the performing arts or want to practice specific skills.


What to expect from an MTP production:


MTP Presents is designed for the young actor ready to step into the spotlight, performers will work together with our professional Directors, Choreographers, Music Directors, and Designers to stage a fully produced musical. Building on their knowledge of acting, singing, and dancing, young actors will experience an entire production process from auditions, rehearsals, and a performance.


Rehearsal expectations: MTP Presents rehearsal schedule can be broken down into three components:

Auditions: At the first rehearsal, actors will audition for their role in the show.  Every actor will be assigned a part. An audition packet will be sent to you before the first rehearsal which details exactly what your actor will need to perform for their audition.

MTP studio rehearsals:  Each week, actors will work with their directors to learn their music, blocking and choreography. New material will be introduced each week and we will review material taught during previous rehearsals. By the end of this part of the process, the actors will have learned all of the material in their script and will be expected to memorize all of their lines, dances and blocking.

Technical rehearsals:  The week before the big performance, our rehearsals will transition from the MTP studio to the theater. During those technical rehearsals, the costumes, set, props, lights and microphones will be introduced to the show! The schedule for that week will be more intensive adding more days and hours outside of the regular rehearsal time.


Cast size: 20-30


Professional artist to young actor ratio: Approximately 1:10


Key expectations for actors:

  • Actors will be expected to practice what they learned during rehearsal at home.

  • Actors will be expected to memorize lines, lyrics and choreography.

  • Actors will be given a script that they will have to bring with them to every rehearsal.

  • Actors will participate in all elements of a stage production including costume fittings and working in a new environment during our technical rehearsals.


Ideal for children who:

  • Enjoy the idea of working on one story for an extended period of time.

  • Feel comfortable memorizing lines, blocking, and choreography.

  • Feel challenged and excited by directly collaborating with peers and professional artists.

  • Feel ready to take the spotlight and step back to share the spotlight with others.

  • Feel excited about bringing their work beyond the rehearsal room.

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