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For 8 years, Music Theatre Philly has been nurturing young talent, fostering confidence, and building lifelong skills through our classes, camps, and performances. However, we also understand that not every family has the means to provide their children with such opportunities. This is where our Scholarship Fund comes into play.


This past year, MTP awarded scholarships to over 70 families. We need your help supporting Philly’s next generation.

What does your gift cover?

  • $50 pays for an actor’s script in an MTP Production.

  • $100 pays for the rental of one microphone during our performances

  • $250 pays for arts and crafts supplies for one week of summer camp.

  • $500 covers full tuition in our program. $500 gifts will receive a personalized star on the wall of fame!


Join us in this endeavor to raise the stage for Philly’s children.

Your generosity will echo in the laughter, the applause, and the standing ovations of the children you help empower. 

Music Theatre Philly is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EIN 47-5487539. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. No goods or services were provided by Music Theatre Philly in return for this contribution.

Become a Business Sponsor - starting at $500


All Business Sponsorships receive:

1/2 page ad in our Performance Program

Ad for your business in our email marketing

Your logo  link to your business on our homepage

Personal thank you onstage at every performance


To become a sponsor, please download the form

and email directly to

“Our daughters absolutely look forward their classes at MTP. Seeing how much their musicality, creativity, and stage presence has grown over these past few months has been nothing short of amazing. We are so thankful that MTP has scholarship programs in place to make it possible for both our girls to attend multiple classes. Thank you so much for helping cultivate our daughters’ growth in music.”

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